Training Options

Our Approach

For the greatest results, we recommend most everyone strength train 3 times a week when first starting out.  This may vary as time progresses based on factors such as trainee’s age, personal schedule, or competing goals.  Ultimately, the 3 times per week recommendation is for the trainee’s first 3 months.

A typical session will have the trainee performing 3 exercises – the squat, press or bench press and deadlift or some variant.  Because we are training for strength we prioritize the squat.  The coach will make certain you are familiar with the movement, unloaded, before ever touching a barbell.   Coaching proper position is paramount so that the trainee moves safely and effectively.  We’ll then slowly add weight to the bar and determine a “working weight” with which to base the next workout.  The press and the deadlift follow in a similar fashion, with the coach covering the basics, and then determining a “working weight” where the trainee can maintain consistent, correct technique.

Coaching Options

We offer one-on-one sessions, as well as two-on-one.  Currently, we have the potential to train in two locations: Iron Gym Pro in Addison or CrossFit Remedy in Frisco, but can also travel to another training facility if needed*.  We offer the following training options:

  • 1-on-1 and 2-on-1 sessions are available
  • 60 min (covering 1 to 2 lifts) single session
  • 90 min (covering 2 to 3 lifts) single session
  • 120 min (covering 3 to 4 lifts) single session
  • Recurring sessions of once, twice, or three times per week are available at a discounted rate.

All sessions include programming guidance and nutritional advice for strength training.

Working with a Starting Strength Coach ensures that when you are ready to train, you have someone that has demonstrated practical experience both as a lifter and a coach in the basic barbell movements.  The standard to become a Starting Strength Coach is so challenging that passing rate hovers around 15%.  This assures the trainee they are getting an expert in coaching movement and programming.


Our prices are reflective of the expertise and professionalism you would expect when hiring a Starting Strength Coach for private or semi-private training.


To find more information about packages, availability, and pricing, please contact us using the form below or call us at 954-235-8768




* Alternate training locations may be available.  Please note that commercial gyms that provide trainers will not allow us to train you in their facility.